Beer Making Experiences

Since 2013 we've been offering unique brewing experiences to beer enthusiasts here in London. Taking thousands through the process of turning malted barley, hops, water and yeast into glorious beer. Whether looking for a special gift or a shared experience with friends, we've an option just for you. 

  • Brew your own beer in groups of up to three or four people (£180 for group of up to 3, additional £25 to add a fourth)
  • Join our beer making and tasting workshop for individuals (£90 per person)
  • Our Stayhome Brewing Workshop means you can learn the joys of brewing from the comfort of your own home (£80)

Below you'll find information  on each of our experiences to help you make the right decision in terms of what works best for you. 

Brew your own beer in groups of up to three or four people - during these sessions, your group decides upon the type of beer you'd like to brew (sorry no lagers) and with assistance from our workshop instructors help craft a recipe to attempt to hit all the right notes in terms of your desired characteristics. You'll weigh out your grains and mash in prior to an in-depth discussion on the process of brewing. As theory ends, you'll sparge (rinse) your grains before bringing your wort to the boil and adding hops. We'll explore a variety of hops and learn more about how they play an important role in beer. At the end of the boil, we'll cool your wort before it is transferred to a sanitized fermenter and yeast is pitched. 3-4 weeks later, you'll return to bottle your beer and take home. You'll target around 20 litres of beer which should equate to approximately 60 bottles of your beer ready to drink a week or two after bottling. 

Beer Making and Tasting Workshop for individuals - during these sessions, we decide upon a range of beer styles to brew. Attendees will help execute recipes as we tweak existing recipes or experiment with new ingredients or styles. In terms of brewing, you'll assist in weighing grains, mashing, sparging, hop additions and pitching yeast. During the course of the brew day we'll sample a number of a beers as part of our exploration of beer styles. At the end of the day, you won't go home empty handed - receive a £25 store credit to enjoy on beers and home brew supplies. 

Our Stayhome Brewing Workshop is designed for those wishing to commence brewing from the comfort of their own home. You receive ingredients for your first brew along with a 5 L home brew starter kit. We'll mail you some helpful how to videos and you'll have access to a recording of a start to finish brewday with all the brewing theory you could need! 

Open dated vouchers - some details. At present, open dated vouchers for brewing workshops (either type) have a 18 month validity period. The email provided at the time of booking will receive an automated email with your voucher code, voucher value, validity period and a blank PDF voucher related to voucher type selected - please note that as voucher values are fungible, email will list all voucher types (though PDF will relate to chosen voucher). 

Some of our experiences are sold via third party partners, if you've a third party voucher then please see the FAQ on this website in footer for details of how to use your voucher.