Kazbek T90 Pellet 100g

Kazbek T90 Pellet 100g

Kazbek were bred from Saaz and wild hops. Released commerically in 2008 they combine the noble Saaz characteristics with earthy, lemon peel overtones.

Characteristics: Grapefruit, Lemon, Spicy

Harvest: 2018

Alpha Acid: 7%

For more info, see the Bohemia Hops website here

Why are they called T90 hop pellets?

The Type 90 pellet is made from dried hop cone powder that has been pelletized. It is called "Type 90" as there is approximately 10% wastage in the production process i.e. 100 kg of dried hop cone equates to 90 kg of pellets.

Are leaf hops better than pellets?

This one massively divides opinion but not at London Beer Lab. We fall very much on the pellets better than leaf side. There's a few reasons. Firstly, due to their concentrated form they degrade much slower than leaf when stored in non ideal surroundings i.e. your left over hops will still be worth using next time you go to brew. Secondly, they're much easier to vacuum pack and store, allowing for a bigger selection of hops from a central London location. When it comes to making beer whether they are added in the kettle or as dry hops they fully dissolve and offer a much larger contact surface with the boiling wort/fermenting beer thereby transferring maximum amounts of their properties to the finished product. Finally from experience pelletized hops tend to offer much better consistency harvest after harvest.

How are these hops packaged?

We receive hops in 5kg vacuum sealed bales. We then vacuum seal these hops in Mylar vacuum pouches before cold storing until sold or needed for our own brewing.

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