#Stayhome Brewing Workshop

#Stayhome Brewing Workshop

Wish to learn to brew from the comfort of your own home!

Firstly, we'll ship you a 5 litre equipment starter kit* with ingredients for your first brew. You'll be provided with detailed instructions and access to some how to videos to steer you right. We'll also provide a recording of a live brew session that took place during lockdown so you can enjoy the expertise of our head brewer while brewing your own beer

As an added bonus, two weeks later you'll be bottling up your very first batch of homebrew. Kudos to you!

  • You'll receive starter kit and ingredients for one batch
  • Access to how to content so you can choose to do work around your schedule
  • Your very first home brew

Equipment and ingredients will ship up to two weeks after purchase**. 

* View Frequently Asked Questions for equipment details

** Supply chain and courier network allowing

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What equipment is included in the starter kit?
     A. You will find the following items in your starter kit: 10 litre fermenter with lid and grommet, airlock, sanitizer, hydrometer, trial jar, mash bag, thermometer, amber PET bottles to bottle 5 L of beer. Extra equipment required - large stock pot, stove or induction hob

    Q: Is prior brewing experience required?
     A: No brewing experience is assumed and this workshop is suitable for complete novices.

    Q: When will I gain access to how to videos?
      A: Access to "how to" videos will be sent via email after your brew kit and ingredients have dispatched.

    Q: What recipe kit will be provided?
      A: You'll be provided with an ingredients kit to brew 5 litres of a pale ale or a best bitter. A small variety of different hops will be provided so that you can personalise your brew based on your preferences. (You will not need all ingredients included in your kit for your preferred brew)

    Q: Where can I get more ingredients to brew again?
      A: You'll find a number of 5 litre ingredient kits on our website for sale (product code 5Lingredients). These can either ship for free alongside your kit or be purchased at a later date. We also have a multitude of grains available with low minimum weight, making our site a perfect place to build your next brew.

    Q: Could you give a brief outline of what is covered in this course?
      A: To start we will measure out grains as per recipe provided and mash in. During the mash our instructor will give an overview of the whole brewing process from start to finish, while sampling different grains and hops. After the mash, we will need to sparge the grain prior to bringing the wort to the boil. Once boiling, hop additions will be made prior to cooling and transfer to a sanitized fermenter.


We use a number of different delivery options based on factors such as distance, weight and how fragile goods are. If something arrives damaged please photograph and report to us so that we can remedy this.