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6 Pack - London Beer Lab Tip Top Citra APA (440 can)

Citrus with a light malt sweetness. Perfect gateway beer for those moving away from bland lagers for the first time but enough about it to satisfy the connoisseurs. Unfiltered and naturally hazy. Winner of Gold Medal for South East SIBA regional keg competition at Beer X 2017.ABV: 5.0%Malt: Maris Otter Pale Malt, Carapils, Malted Oats, CaragoldHops: Citra


Ayinger - Lager Hell (500 ml bottle)

Ayinger Lager Hell is the typical every day drink in Bavaria. Together with wheat beer this Muenchener Hell style is the most famous beer style in the Bavarian south. A fresh, yeasty amber lager that's great with big meatballs, mash and gravy.ABV: 4.9%


Big Drop - Uptown Lager (330 ml can)

Easy drinking, full-flavoured but elegant. Light herbal and floral hop aromas, a hint of caramel with peppered spiciness on the palate and a touch of orange at the end.ABV: 0.5%Note: Contains grains, gluten removed. Gluten value less than 10PPM  


Boon Kriek (375 ml bottle)

One of the classic examples of this Belgian style, Boon Kriek is a cherry beer made by blending different ages of lambic and ageing them again over whole cherries. The result is a very tart but slightly sweet beer with a deep, rich cherry flavour and a light, fizzing finish.ABV: 4.0%


Boon Kriek (375 ml bottle)

One of the classic examples of this Belgian style, Boon Kriek is a cherry beer made by blending different ages of lambic and ageing them again over wh...

Braisserie D'Achouffe - La Chouffe (330 ml bottle)

LA CHOUFFE leaves citrus notes on the palate, followed by a refreshing, pleasantly spicy note, giving it a lovely lightness. With its 8% alcohol content and slightly hoppy taste, this golden beer has won over beer lovers from all over the world down the years. Its unique taste has won various awards.ABV: 8.0%


Brasserie Dupont - Saison Dupont (330 ml bottle)

Gold standard in Saison. Period.The Saison Dupont is a coppery blonde beer, with aromas of fine hops, with marked bitterness, dry and very refreshing as it was originally. Coppery blond, the finest aromas and a strong bitterness transform this beer into a thirst-quencher with no equal, just the way it was created. Our selection of yeasts is the perfect base for these typical aromas and ditto taste. A real refermentation in the bottle, which will continue for a long time in your cellar, result into this complex and particular aromatic beer.ABV: 6.5%


Bristol Beer Factory - Clear Head (440 ml can)

Embracing Bristol Beer Factory’s craft beer energy, Clear Head brings the best in hop and body to the Alcohol-Free world. Citra & Mosaic hops swing in with big US citrus notes and lactose adds the IPA body. 5% of profits go directly to TALK CLUB, a Bristol UK born charity helping create a sustainable, positive mental health community.ABV: 0.5%Allergens: Gluten (wheat, malted barley), Dairy (lactose)


Burnt Mill - Pintle Pale (440 ml can)

Pintle is a pale ale brewed with wheat, oats and flaked barley in the grist to smooth out the body. Whirlpooled and dry hopped with Australian Cascade and Citra. Its restrained bitterness and dry finish help maintain Pintle's all day crushability.ABV: 4.3%


De Dolle - Stille Nacht (330 ml bottle)

Stille Nacht (Silent Night) is a prestige beer from De Dolle Brouwers brewed for Christmas. It has the highest density of any Belgian beer (27 degrees Pl). It has been boiling for many hours, brewed with pale malt with white candi sugar in the kettle. The Nugget hops gives an extra bitterness to balance the extreme sweetness due to the density. The taste triangle is completed with some acidity of the fermentation. It is a very interesting beer to age. We have samples of every bottling we have done so far and aging does not mean decreasing quality with this beer. Keep some samples at 10 degrees C and mark the year on the cap with an alcohol marker.ABV: 12.0%


Drop Project - Drip (440 ml can)

This big clean and classic IPA is a real delicious treat. Charged full of Mosaic for those punchy citrusy and piney notes, Simcoe for the ripe stone fruit flavours and Ekuanot for that zesty, pithy. Brewed with the finest Caramalt and Cararuby malts for nice sweet toffee underlay. Lets just say you'll want every last drip of this golden beauty.ABV: 6.8%